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"What is Jewogle?"

Jewogle is not quite like any other Jewish site on the web. It looks like Google. (The look is, in fact, a parody). But, Jewogle is NOT a search engine of other Jewish sites. There are many good Jewish community sites that have extensive lists of Jewish links. There are a lot of 'junky' Jewish sites that have smaller lists of links and not much more. None of these sites really search the content on other sites. At best they search the brief description of the links on their site for the term you enter. If that term is not in the site's description, you get nothing really usable. Only the major general search engines like Yahoo or Google search for content on thousands of sites.

Jewish sites that only list links are cheap to create and easy to maintain. Jewogle is a far more ambitious project. Therefore, if you came here looking for a search engine or a list of links; stop, visit and appreciate the site for what it is. Most people like it.

Jewogle is a site that celebrates the Jewish contribution to civilization and is well on its way to being a Jewish biographical encyclopedia. Famous Jewish or 'part' Jewish persons, in a wide variety of fields, are organized by category. You can search for a person by entering his/her name in the search engine. Or you can simply click on a category and enjoy yourself by reading the material on the people in the category. Follow the search instructions posted near the search engine. Bear with us as we add more and more great links.

But, Jewogle is more than lists of famous people. It is increasingly a site with features. There are profiles of famous Jewish people, articles on Jewish issues, excerpts from books, and some fun interactive features. Since the beginning, Jewogle has tried to balance being serious and lighthearted. That lightheartedness is expressed in our look, some of our features, and in some of our comments on the people listed on the site. Our serious side is expressed in our overall purpose, many of the listings, and in some of our feature pieces.

We do have a links page. And we will add to it regularly. But that is not our main purpose. The site is organized by people and not by concept. It is currently much oriented towards people who are famous in the secular world and will be incorporated famous Jewish Sages in the near future.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to us the contact us.

Privacy Policy


Jewogle is extremely aware and completely respectful of all privacy issues surrounding the Internet and the World Wide Web and have adopted the following:

E-mail sent to Jewogle although becoming property of Jewogle will never be used or collected for the purposes of reselling to a third party and will never be added to a bulk e-mailing list.


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Contact Us
If any additional information is required, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at


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