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Abraham Pais
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Jewogle is not quite like any other Jewish site on the web. It looks like Google. (The look is, in fact, a parody). But, Jewogle is NOT a search engine of other Jewish sites. Jewogle brings you both a Kosher Search engine that allows you to find information across cyberspace from Jewogle certified kosher sites as well as giving an extensive listing of some of the most famous Jews in their respective fields. Read More
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Son of Niels Bohr. Shared 1975 Nobel Prize for work on atomic structure which, in part, elucidated fathers theories. Only one-quarter Jewish, but he did go into his fathers business. Like his father, he had to flee to Sweden during WWII.

historian of science

nuclear scientist

cosmic inflation

Sokal Affair

First American of any faith to win a Nobel Prize in Science (1907). Developer of precise optical instruments that, among other things, allowed for measuring the speed of light. Michelson, who was born in Poland, came to the US as a small child. He was a graduate of the Annapolis, the US Navy Academy. He taught Physics at the Academy in the 1870s. A building is named in his honor at the Academy. Michelson (and Morley) also conducted a famous experiment which showed that there was no "ether"--a hypothetical substance that many scientists speculated effected the propagation of light. Michelson volunteered for service at the beginning of WWI (he was 65) and was given the rank of Lieut. Commander (he served stateside).

The most respected scientist of the 20th century. Nobel Prize, 1921. What can we say or add? To those who follow these things casually, Time Magazine named Einstein their "Person of the Century".

measured speed of light, Nobel Prize (1907) (Jewish father)

aero-engineer (JYB 2005 p214)

physicist, Nobel Prize (2003)