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Abraham J. Multer

Abraham J. Multer
Abraham Jacob Multer (December 24, 1900 – November 4, 1986) was a Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives from New York. Born in New York City, he graduated from City College of New York in 1921 and Brooklyn Law School in 1922. He served in the United States Coast Guard from 1943 until 1945. He was elected to Congress in 1947 to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Leo F. Rayfiel and served from November 4, 1947 until his resignation on December 31, 1967. He was elected to the New York Supreme Court and served from January 1, 1968 until January 1, 1977. He died in West Hartford, Connecticut.
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Adolph Joachim Sabath (born April 4, 1866 in Zabori, in what is now Bohemia, of Jewish parentage – died November 6, 1952 in Bethesda, Maryland) was an American politician. He served as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Chicago, Illinois, from 1907 until his death.

Born in Milwaukee, Wis., January 21, 1926. Served in the U.S. Army Air Force in World War II; Representative from Illinois, 1969-73, 1975-79 (2nd District 1969-73, 10th District 1975-79)(part of Chicago and suburbs). Went on to be Chief Judge of the Dist. of Columbia (Fed.) Circuit. A real smart guy.

Adam Schiff, born June 22, 1960, is a graduate of Stanford University and Harvard Law School. Adam and his wife, Eve (yes, it's true), have two children, a daughter, Alexa Marion, born in July 1998, and a son, Elijah Harris, born in July 2002.

Abraham Jacob Multer (December 24, 1900 – November 4, 1986) was a Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives from New York.

Abraham Ribicoff was born in New Britain, Connecticut, on 9th April, 1910. Ribicoff's parents were Jewish parents from Poland.

Demo. Congressman from suburban New York (1968-70). Founder of the anti-Vietnam War "Dump Johnson" movement. He was, interestingly enough, a good friend of Wm. F. Buckley, and they frequently debated. Lowenstein was murdered in 1980 by a severely mentally ill former acquaintance.

Democratic represenative from Massachusetts. He has represented the 4th District since 1981. He was one of the first congressman to come out as "gay". According to most reports, Frank is actually pretty well liked by most people on both sides of the aisle. He is really funny and likeable.