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Jewogle - Daphne Rosen

Daphne Rosen

Daphne Rosen

Daphne Rosen (b. June 9, 1982) is an Israeli porn actress and director. She notable for being one of the few Jewish actresses in porn.


Born in Tel Aviv, Israel and moved to Boston, Massachusetts at the age of three year. Began to model when she was 18.

After experimenting for Score magazine and appearing on The Jenny Jones Show, Rosen entered the porn industry at the age of 20 years. She has worked for almost every hardcore production company in "Porn Valley", California as well as many in Miami, Florida and throughout the United States. She first appeared on the cover of Hustler's Busty Beauties # 7 as a photo model and soon appeared on the cover of Big Butt. These projects were given to Rosen due to her large breasts and buttocks and she became a favorite among porn fans. She also appeared as a model Eve Tyler on the cover of the magazine Score. She is also known for her intensity in lesbian and anal scenes. Daphne has recently shown her talent in scenes of female ejaculation, often performed in lesbian scenes.

Subsequently signed a contract with Venom Digital Media, then became a radio personality Ksex began in The End Game and Bare Naked and other films for Vivid Entertainment, appeared alongside comedian Rob Schneider on Playboy Radio, and television, in the program Blind Date and Elizabeth Starr's AVN award-winning remake of Russ Meyer's classic (titled Faster Pussycat! Fuck! Fuck!) with a porn icon Ron Jeremy and Tiffany Towers, who won the AVN Award which gave the film Big Bust.

Rosen co-directed a weekly radio program on the Internet, Two Live Jew, along with Harry Weiss Ksex Radio. In late 2005, Daphne temporarily withdrew their representations to focus on their business in the adult industry. In June 2006, Rosen returned to the world porn-themed film Daphne characterized the organization that gave him a big break, SCORE. Work on your program co-sponsored Ksex Harry Weiss, the man behind the careers of Katie Morgan, Sean Michaels, and Cytherea. She is an avid supporter of the adult film industry.

On August 31, 2006, Rosen and Weiss announced that they left Ksex, in mutual agreement, due to increase by Rosen busy schedule since returning to the porn industry and to start your feature dancing career.

In October 2006 for AVN Magazine said: "There are many girls who have both breast and willing to do as I do. I feel very good because I am able to be among the largest bust in the world. But I would be very unpleasant to be a real live porn star. I have large breasts, but do not use them as an excuse to Disney porn only. "

Rosen has recently changed her appearance and is going to have a black hair dye rebel (and possibly even larger breasts).

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