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Sam Zell

Sam Zell
About Jewogle
Jewogle is not quite like any other Jewish site on the web. It looks like Google. (The look is, in fact, a parody). But, Jewogle is NOT a search engine of other Jewish sites. Jewogle brings you both a Kosher Search engine that allows you to find information across cyberspace from Jewogle certified kosher sites as well as giving an extensive listing of some of the most famous Jews in their respective fields. Read More
Popular Jews

New Jersey based real estate developer and owner of Kushner Properties

Founder of Club Mediterranee, known in English as the famous "Club Meds". Pioneered mass "carefree" tourism after WWII. The clubs declined and Trigano was forced out several years ago.

Co-owners of disco "Studio 54", where the beautiful, white suited people went in the 70s to drink & snort. Rubell died, Schrager went to jail for a little while. But he has come back as the head of a chain of small, luxury hotels

Founder and CEO of Four Seasons Hotels. Canadian.

Executive Vice President of Development & Acquisitions at The Trump Organization. Married to Jared Kushner. In July 2009, after studying with Rabbi Elie Weinstock from the Modern Orthodox Ramaz School, Trump converted to Judaism and took the name Yael.

is an American real estate entrepreneur and newspaper publisher. He is the principal owner of Kushner Properties, his familys holding company. He also owns The New York Observer, after purchasing it in 2005. He is the son of American real estate developer Charles Kushner and married to Ivanka Trump.

Queen of Mean. Mgr. of (non-Jewish) husband Harrys real estate empire. Went to jail b/c she was so obnoxious; not really very guilty.

Owner, until his recent death, of the Fairmount Hotel chain (The SF Fairmount was the model for the hotel in the TV show "Hotel"). Major giver to Jewish charities and the Democratic Party.

Reichmann along with brothers Albert and Ralph, built Olympia & York into worlds largest real estate developers in the 80s. Reichmann is an Orthodox Jew. He got caught in recession of early 90s and lost huge sums.

Chicago real-estate magnate