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Anton Shammas
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Jewogle is not quite like any other Jewish site on the web. It looks like Google. (The look is, in fact, a parody). But, Jewogle is NOT a search engine of other Jewish sites. Jewogle brings you both a Kosher Search engine that allows you to find information across cyberspace from Jewogle certified kosher sites as well as giving an extensive listing of some of the most famous Jews in their respective fields. Read More
Popular Jews

Miller was a playwright who authored All My Sons, Death of a Salesman, The Crucible, screenplay for The Misfits. Once married to Marilyn Monroe. He tells the story that Bernard Gimbel, head of Gimbels Dept. Stores, was in the opening nite audience for Salesman. The next day he ordered that no Gimbels employee ever be fired because of age.

Kaufman was the author of You Cant Take it with You, Of Thee I Sing, The Man who Came to Dinner and more. He had often worked with Moss Hart (also Jewish). Although he was not considered to be particularly handsome, he became a national sex symbol for a short time in the 30s when actress Mary Astor was in a nasty divorce case and her letters detailing what a good lover he was become public.

Levin was a Jewish American author, dramatist and songwriter. He was most famous for Rosemarys Baby and The Boys From Brazil.

Shaw was novelist and short story writer and playwright who became famous after the Second World War. His novel, The Young Lions, became a film with Brando starring.

(1961) screenwriter, producer and playwright