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Jewogle is not quite like any other Jewish site on the web. It looks like Google. (The look is, in fact, a parody). But, Jewogle is NOT a search engine of other Jewish sites. Jewogle brings you both a Kosher Search engine that allows you to find information across cyberspace from Jewogle certified kosher sites as well as giving an extensive listing of some of the most famous Jews in their respective fields. Read More
Popular Jews

Kirby was the creator of Spider-Man, Captain America, The Hulk, The Fantastic Four, among other Marvel creations. Stan Lee of Marvel is Jewish, as well.

Baltimore pen/ink artist cartoonist political events. Many of his works could be found in the Baltimore Sun, The New Yorker.

Famous illustrator and cartoonist (often political) whose work has appeared in scores of magazines including the cover of the New Yorker and elsewhere. He was born in 1929 in the Bronx.

Israeli-born illustrator whose work appears in several major magazines. Famous for celebrity caricatures made from collages of objects.

Born in 1929. Brilliant cartoonist and writer whose work appears in the Village Voice and elsewhere. Also the playwright of "Little Murders", which was made into a film.

World-famous political cartoonist whose work is the most widely syndicated in the world. He comes from a famous Jewish family. He can trace his ancestry back to Rashi, the 11thC. Jewish sage. Born in Egypt, he grew up in Israel. He served in the Israeli Army and rose to the rank of Major, with significant combat experience.

Famous cartoonist/illustrator for the New Yorker who died recently. Perhaps his best known work is the cartoon which depicts a New Yorkers view of the United States (New York huge, rest of country--small).

Famous American cartoonist whose work appears in the Village Voice and elsewhere. Just wrote a cartoon history of Jewish history ("Stan Macks History of the Jews").

Born in Brooklyn in 1925, he is both the author and the illustrator of wonderful childrens books such as "Where The Wild Things Are" and "In the Night Kitchen".

Brilliant and innovative designer and illustrator who was head of the famous "Push Pin" graphics studio/mag. His designs influenced most modern media design. He designed, among other things, the lay-out of NY Magazine, The "I Love NY" Logo, and the famous rainbow poster of Bob Dylan.